Hi, I’m Luke Bennett (surprisingly) and I’m a developer hailing from Rugby in England which, even if you’ve never visited, you’ve probably heard of thanks to the sport that originated here.

Having spent a significant chunk of my career building web applications in ASP.NET and C#, these days I live primarily in the Node.js world, with a healthy dose of microservices, Docker and general DevOps goodness. In fact, I’ve even switched to using a Mac which means I’m now officially a hipster or something.

I head up a development team, looking after all the customer-facing systems for a UK multi-channel retailer, and juggling attempts to code with grown up things like managing other people, dodging recruitment agents, differentiating between Agile and agile, and organising desk moves. Working in the cut-and-thrust retail industry is good fun however, and with years of experience in the sector I get to prove myself half-useful to people now and again.

Although I enjoy software development, it’s not the most important thing in my life. Of far more importance are:

1) My faith – as a Christadelphian my life is entirely shaped by my solid belief in the Bible as the word of God, and the wonderful hope it provides.

2) My wife and daughters, going home to whom is the best part of every working day (except during potty training).

3) Friends and family… and so I could continue, you get the drift!

As well as this blog you can follow me on Twitter, Github and probably other places too, if you really care enough to find me (I sometimes go by the handle benoire). Feel free to drop me an email – it’s my first name at lukebennett.com.