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Show hidden files in Atom sidebar

By default, the Atom editor hides files in its sidebar that match your VCS ignore file. This can be frustrating, as a hidden file isn’t necessarily one you don’t care about – for example, the node_modules folder will typically be excluded from a Node.js application, but you may wish to jump in and examine a module, do some […]

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Disabling a previously specified max-width

I just did something stupid with my CSS but it had me scratching my head for a while. If you have a max-width set and need to disable it in a cascaded style, you need to set it to none rather than auto i.e.: This sounds obvious (and it is really), but because you usually […]

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Handling the proprietary CSS filter attribute in dotless

I’m a big fan of the LESS CSS library – a fantastic way of simplifying the process of writing CSS by offering a number of basic programming capabilities such as variables, functions and mixins. There are a number of implementations available for different platforms, and the purpose of this blog post is to highlight a […]

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