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IO.FileNotFound_FileName exception when selecting a file in Silverlight

I don’t know how much this will help people – there’s only 7 results on Google for “IO.FileNotFound_FileName” at the time of writing so it’s clearly not a common problem – but one of our Mac users just reported an issue with selecting a file via a custom Silverlight control. They do this process day […]

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Installing RVM on Ubuntu 11.04

I’ve been trying to install RVM on Ubuntu 11.04 and what, according to the installation instructions, should have been a fairly straightforward process turned out to be pretty frustrating. I’m no Linux expert, I’m still picking a lot up, but I couldn’t see any reason why, after each install attempt, I got the following error […]

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Git “broken pipe” error when pushing to a repository

This is one that’s caught me out on more than one occasion now, hopefully by blogging it I won’t forget about it again quite so soon… When attempting to push to a git repository over HTTP, you may experience a “broken pipe” error along the lines of the following: This error occurs when the amount […]

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“Access denied” error when installing Orchard modules

I’ve recently started properly battling playing with Orchard and came across a gotcha which may simply have been down to a misunderstanding on my part, but I didn’t find much info when searching for it so figured I’d blog about it myself. Having set up an initial instance, I switched on the multi-tenancy module so […]

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.app pre-registration now open!

I previously blogged about the .app project. As of today they are now open for pre-registration of .app domains, with the caveat that as the rights to the gTLD haven’t actually been secured yet, there is no guarantee the registrations will ever actually go through. However, rather than simply getting you to pre-register and then […]

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