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Visual Studio solution files that refuse to open

I just came across an issue with Visual Studio 2010 solutions not opening directly from the filesystem. When you hover over the icon the tooltip indicates that the version is unrecognised and double clicking / pressing enter results in nothing happening – no error message, nothing. This is despite the fact that 2010 is the […]

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Shedding pounds with Sumatra PDF

I recently got a new laptop and have been keen to keep it as bloat-free as possible. The other day I needed to view a PDF for the first time and decided that I really didn’t want to sacrifice 335MB of my nice shiny SSD to Adobe Reader. I figured there had to be a […]

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Dealing with UI issues in Visual Studio 2010

One of the “features” of Visual Studio 2010 is an overhauled UI, powered by WPF. Whilst this might make for some nice eye candy it’s also led to some incredibly frustrating display issues which I know I’m not alone in experiencing. I’ve been finding that the file I’m currently working on will randomly stop responding […]

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Visual Studio silently crashing

If you have an issue with Visual Studio 2008 crashing suddenly and without warning, try clearing your native image cache using the following commands at the VS command prompt: Worked for me when VS started crashing every time I opened a view after upgrading MVC 2 from RC2 to RTM.

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Windows Phone 7 Series – the balloon just went pop

I’m currently a Windows Mobile user, and whilst the platform has serious shortcomings and annoyances, I’ve been happy to persevere with those due to its openness. Anything I haven’t liked I’ve usually been able to tinker with and address via my own tweaks or third party ones. Like most WinMo users, I’ve been looking forward […]

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