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IO.FileNotFound_FileName exception when selecting a file in Silverlight

I don’t know how much this will help people – there’s only 7 results on Google for “IO.FileNotFound_FileName” at the time of writing so it’s clearly not a common problem – but one of our Mac users just reported an issue with selecting a file via a custom Silverlight control. They do this process day […]

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Installing RVM on Ubuntu 11.04

I’ve been trying to install RVM on Ubuntu 11.04 and what, according to the installation instructions, should have been a fairly straightforward process turned out to be pretty frustrating. I’m no Linux expert, I’m still picking a lot up, but I couldn’t see any reason why, after each install attempt, I got the following error […]

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Git “broken pipe” error when pushing to a repository

This is one that’s caught me out on more than one occasion now, hopefully by blogging it I won’t forget about it again quite so soon… When attempting to push to a git repository over HTTP, you may experience a “broken pipe” error along the lines of the following: This error occurs when the amount […]

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“Access denied” error when installing Orchard modules

I’ve recently started properly battling playing with Orchard and came across a gotcha which may simply have been down to a misunderstanding on my part, but I didn’t find much info when searching for it so figured I’d blog about it myself. Having set up an initial instance, I switched on the multi-tenancy module so […]

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Menu issue with Aptana Studio 3 on Ubuntu 11.04

In a break from .NET/Visual Studio themed blog posts, a quick pointer for anybody attempting to use Aptana Studio 3 in Ubuntu 11.04 – the main menu is totally hosed because of a clash with the new Unity 3D window manager. There’s a workaround in the Appcelerator docs (Appcelerator being the recent new owners of […]

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