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Like most developers I guess, I love learning, whether that’s deepening my knowledge of a technology I already know, or discovering something completely new. One of my favourite publishers is Manning and I just wanted to give them huge kudos for the “Deal of the day” promotion they began at the back end of last year. As the name implies, this involves them giving out a voucher code on Twitter every day for one or two books, usually offering 50% off or two for the price of one.

I’ve not seen their sales figures, but if this promotion has had the same effect on others as it has on me, they must have climbed significantly. With most DOTD e-books being available for around $15/£10 they’re a real steal and I’ve picked up loads that I would otherwise have taken my time to buy to spread the cost, or not even bought at all. It’s a great way to get into a topic you may know nothing about as you won’t have wasted much money if it turns out to be of no interest to you.

If you want to receive each day’s offer yourself, either follow @manningbooks on Twitter or register on their website for daily email alerts.

I should add by the way, this post is purely driven by genuine appreciation rather than any financial gain – encouraging others to buy Manning books doesn’t profit me in any way. Although I suppose in a way it does, as the more money they make, the more books they can churn out!

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